Introducing Beylikduzu district of Istanbul


Beylikduzu area of Istanbul is one of the affordable areas in the European and western part of Istanbul. If you are planning to buy a property in Istanbul, you should know that this area is full of luxury and newly built towers with many amenities. Considering the proximity of Beylikduzu to the sea and having a beautiful beach, many immigrants are interested in buying property and investing in this area. Join Aria Quinn to learn more about this area.

Where is Beylikduzu located?

Beylikduzu region is one of the westernmost regions of 88%D9%84″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Istanbul and has managed to attract many tourists with its facilities and beautiful beaches. This area, which is surrounded by the Sea of Marmara, Snivort, Avcilar and Buyuk Cekmece, is one of the best places in Istanbul to live and invest due to its good facilities and housing value.

Introduction of Beylikduzu region

Living in Beylikduzu means using recreational and sports facilities, using educational and medical services and enjoying an area with a clean beach. In the rest of this article, we will introduce you to Beylikduzu and more features.

Bilik Duzo neighborhoods!

Beylikduzu, as we said, is located in the western part of Istanbul. This area has only 10 neighborhoods. The neighborhoods of Adnan Kahvechi, Dere Aghazi, Buyukshahir, Barish, Marmara, Gurpinar, Yakoplu and Kavakli are among these neighborhoods. The mayor of Beylikduzu is one of the most famous municipalities in Istanbul, and with the positive changes he has made in the city, he has become very popular among the people. The current face of Beylikduzu is a neat urban area with luxury and modern buildings. In Beylikduzu, there are no old neighborhoods and worn-out urban fabric, and this is considered one of the strongest positive points of this area in Istanbul. Beylikduzu has become one of the best areas for investment in Turkey, and compared to the facilities and services in the area, the price of renting and buying houses is reasonable.

The price of a house in Beylikduzu

According to data published by surveys, Beylikduzu is one of the most popular areas in Istanbul for renting a house. Due to the presence of good facilities and green environment as well as access to public transportation and low rents, many people have shown interest in renting a house in Beylikduzu. Currently, the average property price in this area is around 3 thousand dollars.

House for rent in Beylikduzu Istanbul

Beylikduzu is considered one of the most popular areas for renting a house, and this is taken from the statistics of published surveys. People come to Beylikduzu to buy a house because of the facilities and public transportation and the beautiful urban face of this area.

Property in Beylikduzu area

Buying a house in Istanbul and the points you should pay attention to!

Bilikduzu recreational places

There are entertainment complexes, cafes and restaurants to shopping centers and sports clubs in Bilic Dozo.

Bilik Dozu attractions

Gor Pinar Beach

It is one of the best beach places in Bilic Dozo, which is very suitable for relaxing by the sea and doing water sports. Next to the local market of Bilic Dozo, there is also a rope dance hall for those who enjoy seeing acrobatic and exciting shows. Ezdemir Turan, who is one of the best string players in Turkey, performs in this hall every night. One of the most popular cafes in this area is Yasham Cafe, which is a very suitable place for friendly meetings and drinking tea and coffee in the evening.

Yakoblo or Yakoblo entertainment complex

With its green garden and cool weather, this recreational complex is one of the best options for spending the night and having fun in Bilic Dozo.

West Marina Istanbul

West Marina is one of the best places for beach recreation and has won the prestigious Mavi Bayrock Award in 2014. This award is given to beach resorts that meet the highest standards. West Marina is one of the best options for doing sea and beach sports, spending a day off sunbathing, or having a seafood meal with your family.

Dedenin Yeri’s grandfather’s antique shop in Bilic Dozo

If you are interested in old and antique objects, be sure to visit this collection of antique objects in Bilic Dozo. Years have been spent to collect this collection and buying a gift from here is a great value.

Three of the the best neighborhoods to live in Istanbul

Bilik Dozo sports facilities

For sports enthusiasts, Beylikduzu is one of the best areas in Istanbul. Various sports clubs are active here. In a number of neighborhoods in Beylikduzu, especially the neighborhoods near the beach, there are paths for walking and cycling. Other vehicles are not allowed to enter these areas.


Bilik Dozo shopping centers

Due to the proximity of Beylikduzu and Snivort, the residents of both areas jointly use the shopping centers located in Snivort. The most famous of these shopping centers are Marmara Park and Akbati.

Esenyurt Immigrant Area of Istanbul

Marmara Park Shopping Center

This shopping center has about 200 stores, ranging from home appliances to clothing stores. Famous brands such as Zara, Benton, Cotton, etc. have stores in this passage and it is one of the best shopping centers in Istanbul.

Bilik Dozo educational facilities

Since most of the people living in Beylikduzu are academic and educated, there are many high-quality universities and educational institutions and schools in this area.

We name some of the most famous schools and universities in Beylikduzu:

  • Beykent University, Bilkent University in Beylikduzu.
  • Beylikdüzü Haldun Taner ilkokulu
  • Özel Başar Eğitim Anaokulu

University in Beylikduzu

Access and transportation in Beylikduzu

One of the most important parts of public transportation in Beylikduzu is the 24-hour metrobuses, which are providing service at all hours of the day and night. Beylikduzu is one of the first Metrobus stations. Apart from Metrobus, bus and Delmush are another common means of public transportation in this area. Being located next to the E5 highway is one of the most important advantages of Beylikduzu, the E5 highway is one of the most important highways in Istanbul.

Beylikduzu access ways

The distance from Ataturk Airport to Beylikduzu is only 13 kilometers. Beylikduzu is one of the good areas of Istanbul in terms of having public transportation and their extent, and it is expected that with the arrival of the metro to this area, the value of the property will also face a significant growth.

Distance from Bilic Dozo to Taksim

Beylik Dozo is relatively far from the city center and Taksim Square. This distance is 38 kilometers, which takes about an hour to drive.

Bilikduzu or Snivert?

Snivert or Beylikduzu? People who intend to buy or rent a house in Istanbul have this question. Bilic Dozo has a more orderly and beautiful urban fabric and has more green space than Snivort. But Snivert offers more diverse options for buying and renting a house due to its large area and having more residential settlements. This variety is less in Bilic Dozo and there are fewer options. Snivert is also ahead of Beylikduzu in terms of the number of neighborhoods. Beylikduzu has fewer neighborhoods, but there are no old and cluttered neighborhoods in this area. Unlike Snivort, which also has old neighborhoods, and the neighborhoods are not the same in this sense. If the difference in facilities is not taken into account, the price of the house in the residential settlements of Snivert is lower than that of Beylik Dozo.

Access to the sea in Beylikduzu region

One of the advantages of Beylikduzu.compared to Snivort is access to the sea and the beach. Snivert is a more convenient option for those who travel by car if public transportation is the priority in Beylikduzu. The immigrant population from different countries in Snivort is more than the immigrant population in Beylikduzu. Not that there are no immigrants in Beylikduzu, but their number is less than the immigrant population of Snivert. Most of the immigrant population of Beylikduzu is Iranian. Snivert and Beylikduzu have almost the same conditions in terms of social structure and facilities. Both of these areas have one main drawback, and that is the distance of about 40 kilometers from the center of Istanbul.

Buy a house in Bilic Dozo

If you plan to get more information about this area or visit the construction projects, get in touch with the Aria Queen team.

Last word:

In this article, we introduced the Beylikduz area of Istanbul and introduced you to its neighborhoods, access, facilities, and sightseeing and entertainment areas. If you are planning to buy a property in Istanbul, it is better to know that this area has properties with reasonable prices. Beylikduzu has urban facilities and proper transportation, and its metro station is going to be opened soon. Proximity to the sea of Marmara has also caused the properties on its coastal strip to have higher prices than other neighborhoods in Beylikduzu.


  • What are the disadvantages of Beylikduzu?
    One of the most important disadvantages of Beylikduzu is the presence of immigrants from different countries and the distance from the city center.
  • Which is the best neighborhood to live in?
    Adnan Kehve Chi neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in this area.
  • How far is Bilik Dozu from Taksim?
    Beylik Dozo is relatively far from the city center and Taksim Square. This distance is 38 kilometers, which takes about an hour to drive.
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