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In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through birth, one must be fully aware of the Turkish immigration laws, the general conditions of residence, the laws related to childbirth and the birth of a baby in Turkey.
Turkey is a semi-European and advanced country that is very popular among Iranians who want to emigrate due to its neighbor with Iran and high standard of living. The country of Turkey offers many ways to immigrate to immigrants, one of which is residence in Turkey with the birth of a child. In this article, we are going to talk about Turkish citizenship by birth and the steps and documents required for it.

Acquiring Turkish residence by birth

Turkish citizenship through birth depends on special steps and conditions, the law of citizenship through birth in Turkey is regulated based on Article 7 of the Turkish Citizenship Law, and in addition to children whose parents are Turkish, if a foreigner who does not have Turkish citizenship is a child in Turkey If he gives birth, he can receive Turkish citizenship.
The conditions for the citizenship of a child born in Turkey are not the same as in Canada and America, and Turkish citizenship is given to the baby on a relative basis. In this way, one of the child’s parents must be Turkish or have Turkish citizenship, and the baby can receive Turkish citizenship from his father or mother in a relative form.

Turkish citizenship through birthday

Rules and conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship and residency through birth

If one of the parents of another Turkish child is a foreigner and was born in Turkey or outside of Turkey, according to Turkish law, he is considered a Turkish citizen and will receive Turkish citizenship.

If the child’s father or mother is a foreigner but has Turkish citizenship, he can acquire Turkish citizenship without any problems.
If the baby’s father is a foreigner and the mother is Turkish, the baby is considered a Turkish citizen from birth, even if the parents are not officially married.
If both parents of the baby are foreigners and the baby is born in Turkey, only the place of birth of the baby will be in Turkey and the baby’s birth certificate will be issued like foreigners. But the baby will have the right to stay in Turkey, and the parents must apply for the baby’s residence within thirty days after the birth.

According to Article 8 of the Turkish Citizenship Law, a child born to one Turkish parent and another foreigner is considered a Turkish citizen if he does not have the citizenship of another country.
If a child of foreign parents is born in Turkey, they will receive Turkish citizenship through birth in Turkey according to their place of birth in Turkey.

Turkish citizenship by birth

Required documents to obtain Turkish citizenship and residence by birth

Notarized Turkish translation of birth certificate
Notarized and Turkish translation of foreign mother’s or father’s identity document
Turkish translation and notarization of the official document regarding whether or not the child has the citizenship of another country due to having a foreign father or mother
Turkish citizenship application form (VAT-1)
2 pieces of biometric photo with white background in size 50×60
Birth certificate issued based on (VGF-10-01).

Required documents for birth registration at the Iranian consulate in Turkey

Marriage certificate of parents
The official birth certificate of the baby in Turkey issued by the hospital
Residence application form from goc idaresi office
Parents’ identity documents such as passports
Residence documents of the baby’s parents in Turkey
Paying the fees required to obtain residence

Turkish citizenship by birth

Dual citizenship in obtaining Turkish citizenship by birth

In obtaining Turkish citizenship through children, points such as age, length of stay of parents in Turkey and people’s race is noticed. In addition, if the child’s parents do not have the citizenship of any country, they can receive Turkish citizenship.
However, dual citizenship is in order to have the citizenship of one or more countries, in some countries, in this situation, the person in question must leave the citizenship of other countries, but in Turkey, there is no problem with dual citizenship, and a person can have two citizenships at the same time. In this case, if one of the baby’s parents is a foreigner, not only will the baby have the citizenship of its foreign parent, but it will also be possible for the baby to obtain residency through birth.

Conditions for naming a child born in Turkey

Turkey has its own conditions for naming newborn children. If both the baby’s parents are Turkish, the father will have the right to name him; But if one of the baby’s parents is, for example, a Turkish father or mother, and the other is a foreigner, the parents have the right to choose two names for their baby.

Costs of childbirth and childbirth in Turkey

If you plan to give birth to your child in Turkey, it is better to use international health insurance, because the cost of private hospitals in Turkey is very high and it is very important to reduce the cost of the hospital.
The cost of a public hospital for cesarean birth is at least 1000 US dollars and a private hospital is at least 2400 US dollars.

Advantages and privileges of living and staying in Turkey

Obtaining Turkish residence through childbirth and the birth of a child in Turkey has complex procedures and conditions that require time. But people who have a Turkish passport can travel to 72 countries without a visa and 42 countries with an airport visa due to its high rank. Also, this country has a high level among European countries and its passport is respected by other European, African and Middle Eastern countries.

In addition, by obtaining Turkish residence through birth, children can continue their education in this country with high facilities at the international level and experience a high level of life. They will also have the possibility to invest, buy property, open a Turkish bank account.

Concluding Remarks

As mentioned, childbirth and the birth of a baby in Turkey require knowledge of the residence laws of Turkey.
Due to its proximity to Iran and high educational and living facilities, Turkey is one of the most popular countries for Iranians who intend to immigrate to a high-level country close to Iran. Also, this country is highly popular due to having diverse and suitable conditions for obtaining residence, which is one of the most popular conditions for obtaining Turkish residence through birth. In this article, we discussed everything about the conditions, steps and documents needed to obtain Turkish residence upon the birth of a child.

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