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Esenyurt is located in the west of Istanbul and in the European part. Esen Yurt, which is located in the outskirts of Istanbul, hosts many expats who want to invest in this area because of the reasonable property prices and good facilities. In this article, we have introduced Esenyurt Istanbul and we have expressed some points about its facilities, access, schools and universities. Stay tuned with Aria Queen!

Introduction of Esenyurt region

One of the vast areas in the west of Istanbul is Esenyurt. This area is very famous and it is neighboring with Avcilar, Bilicdozo, Buyuk-Cekmeje and Besiktas and Arnavutkoy. Esenyurt is one of the most important investment areas in Istanbul, and both the property value in this area and the number of projects are increasing.

Esenyurt Istanbul

Due to the diversity of housing, cheap house prices, access and convenient facilities, many people intend to buy a house and live in Esenyurt. This area is one of the most popular areas for immigrants, especially Iranians. In addition to residential and welfare facilities, it has many tourist and recreational attractions for tourists. Esenyurt is a region that has its own audience both for living and for traveling.

An important point to mention about this Esenyurt area is that in January 2021, obtaining Turkish residence by renting a house for immigrants and foreigners in this area was prohibited.

Life in Esenyurt

This area is located in the European part of Istanbul and has the climate of the European area. 20 neighborhoods are located in the Esenyurt municipal district, which is one of the largest municipalities in the city. Neighborhoods such as Esteghlal, Cumhuriyet, Pinar, Sanyaat, Fatih, Inonu, Talat Pasha and Yeshil Kent.

Life in Esenyurt

Here there are both modern houses and tall buildings, as well as houses with an old urban texture. If you are looking for a supermarket or Iranian restaurants, there are all kinds of Iranian products and restaurants in this area. From Mahram bear sauce to saffron and Iranian rice.

Esenyurt Istanbul Area Access

Esenyurt’s good accessibility is one of the strong points of this region. Two important highways, E5 and E80, which pass north and south of Snivort, facilitate travel to and from Snivort. In addition, access to the D100 and TEM highways and their associated roads makes it easy to get anywhere in Istanbul.

Esenyurt Metro

Esenyurt does not currently have a metro, but a metro station is scheduled to open in 2023. Currently, Metrobus, Bus, Delmush and Taxi are among the public transportations that are available here.

Transportation in Sniyurt

Esenyurt treatment facilities

There are more than 15 hospitals and medical centers in Esenyurt, and much attention has been paid to medical services. So that the residents of this area do not have to worry about their medical needs.

Some of the most important hospitals in Esenyurt region

  • Elitium Cerrahi Tıp Merkezi
  • Estheticium
  • İstinye University Hospital
  • Yenihayat MEDICAL CENTER
  • Esenyurt State Hospital Necmi Kadioglu

Sneyurt treatment options

Esenyurt educational centers

A significant part of the region’s population is made up of young people and children, and for the well-being of families and students, various educational centers from kindergartens to universities are operating in the region. Some of the best universities in Istanbul are located here, which is why many students live in the area.

Some good universities in Esenyurt

  • İstanbul Esenyurt Üniversitesi
  • Fatih University
  • Istanbul University
  • Esenyurt Municipality Continuing Education Center

Esenyurt good schools

  • Republic High School 75
  • IMKB High School
  • Nezhat Bilginjan High School

Esenyurt Istanbul tourist attractions

Tourist attractions, entertainment centers and art cultural centers in the region have made it very attractive for tourists.

1. Esenyurt Square, symbol of the region

Esenyurt Square is one of the most lively areas of Esenyurt. Around this square there are various shops and restaurants are located all around the square. This square with its attractive atmosphere is one of the options that people choose for night entertainment. The central mosque in the square is built in the style of Ottoman architecture.

Sneyurt Square

2. Recep Tayyip Erdogan Park

The park, which was built by the president of Turkey in 2016, is one of the most popular places for children and adults to have fun in this area. This park has a large area and attracts many people due to its many green trees and artificial waterfalls. There are many recreational facilities in this park and it is one of the best places for sports and hiking in Esenyurt.

3. Chocolate Museum, Little and Chocolate Istanbul

The chocolate museum is one of the best places for those who are interested in art, history and museums. In this museum, all kinds of important monuments in Turkey, such as Dokhtar Tower, Galata Tower and famous mosques, are made of chocolate and can be visited. In addition to historical monuments, chocolate statues of famous Turkish people are also placed in this museum. The exterior of the building is green and beautiful.

The Maulana statue is one of the most attractive works in the chocolate museum.

Istanbul Chocolate Museum

4. Dolphin Aqua Club

water park
One of the biggest water parks in Istanbul is located in Esenyurt. This water park attracts people from all over Istanbul due to its complete facilities. There are many games for both children and adults in this water park, and in addition to water slides, there is a beach volleyball court, a tennis court, and a swimming pool in Aqua Club Dolphin. The show of dolphins and sea lions is also coming in this water park.

Aqua Club Dolphin Water Park

5. Culture and Art Center

This area has not only responded to recreational needs, but has also given great importance to culture and art. There are various art centers in the region, and the most important of them is the Esenyurt Art and Culture Center. This center has a well-equipped cinema, multi-purpose hall, gallery and exhibition, classrooms and cafeteria.

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Marmara Park Istanbul Shopping Center

Esenyurt shopping centers

Like any other popular area in Istanbul, Esenyurt has many shopping malls. Marmara Park, Akbati, City Center and Torium are just a few of these shopping centers.

Marmara Park Istanbul Shopping Center

Marmara Park shopping center is very popular. It has a large area and about 200 different stores. There is also a cinema, cafe and restaurant in this passage so you can shop safely.

Istanbul City Center Shopping Center

Istanbul City Center is also a famous passage. It accommodates all kinds of brands and besides shops, it also has a cafe, restaurant, children’s playground and bowling.

Istanbul City Center Shopping Center

House for rent in Esenyurt

In the new law of the Turkish Immigration Department in 2021, foreigners can no longer obtain a 1-year tourist residence by renting a house in the Esenyurt area, but there is no limit for buying property in this area.

Buy a house in Esenyurt

As we said, Esenyurt is very suitable for buying a house with its facilities, accessibility and cheap housing prices. If you want to see the best projects of Esenyurt, contact Aria Queen.

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Last word:

In this article, we introduced Esenyurt Istanbul and introduced you to the features, facilities, access and public transportation in Esenyurt. It is better to know that the Esenyurt area of Istanbul is one of the most affordable areas for buying property. If you are planning to buy a house in this area, you should know that you will not have a problem with obtaining a residence permit, but by renting a property in Snivort, it is not possible to obtain a Turkish residence permit.


  • Where is Esenyurt?
    Esenyurt is one of the marginal areas of Istanbul in the west of the European part.
  • How is renting a house in Esenyurt?
    Currently, renting a house in Esenyurt is more suitable than other areas of Istanbul, but it is not possible to obtain Turkish residence through renting a house for foreigners in Esenyurt.
  • What is the name of the best neighborhood in Esenyurt?
    One of the best neighborhoods in Esenyurt is called Cumhuriyet neighborhood.
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