Important steps of calling the energy bill in Turkey

بنام زدن قبض انرژی در ترکیه

After closing the property contract in Turkey, one of the important issues that you should pay attention to is the naming of the energy bill in Turkey. This step is fundamental and of utmost importance, as failure to do so may result in additional costs to you. In this article, we will examine the steps of naming energy bills in Turkey and its importance.

The importance of naming energy bills

After signing the property contract in Turkey, one of the important points is to name the energy bills in your name. This action not only allows you to have more precise control over the energy consumption of your property, but also prevents you from paying additional costs.

Naming energy bills

It should be noted that in Turkey all energy bills are issued in the name of a person It can be not property. If you have rented a house in Turkey, you must pay all the energy bills in your name, and if there are previous debts, there is no responsibility for you.

Where should I name the energy bill?

You can transfer bills to your name at energy offices, but it is better to use Google Maps to find energy offices near your place of residence. For example, to find the water department in Istanbul, you can search the word istanbul su idares.

names of energy departments in Turkey

  • boğaziçi elektriik Istanbul Electricity Department
  • Istanbul gas administration
  • ISKI Istanbul Water Department

How much is the deposit amount for calling the energy bill in Turkey?

Each office has a different deposit amount, which can be paid in cash or by bank card.

Deposit amount for naming energy bills

The electricity and water department usually receives a deposit of 300 liras from you, which is a lower amount than the gas department, but the gas department will charge you 800 liras, and you can pay the deposit in 4 installments. .

Procedures of naming energy bills

1- The most important documents for calling the energy bill in Turkey

First of all, the most important documents you should bring with you are the property lease and Kimlik (Turkish ID card). These documents prove that the property is in your name and you have the right to register the property’s energy bills in your name.

  • lease for tenants and deed (tapu) for owners
  • Passport or Kimlik
  • DASK property insurance
  • Meter number (Nomarasi facilities)
  • Deposit amount
  • mobile phone number

The deposit amount will be returned to you at the time of canceling the subscription if there is no debt and will be deposited into your bank account.

Marajal Naming Energy Bills

2- Referral to the relevant department

After collecting the necessary documents, go to the nearest office for calling bills. Usually, these departments are electricity, water or gas departments. Here begins the various steps for naming bills.

3- Completing the forms

In the relevant office, you will be provided with forms related to naming bills. In these forms, information such as property address, energy subscription number and your information are entered.

4- Payment of expenses

At this stage, you have to pay the fees related to naming the bills. These costs usually include various costs, including naming and other related costs.

How to pay energy bills in Turkey

How to pay energy bills in Turkey

After the naming process, it’s time to pay the energy bills. There are two online and face-to-face methods for this:

Face-to-face method

Go to one of the departments related to energy (electricity, water or gas) and pay your bill by presenting Kimlik and other relevant documents. This method may be time consuming.

Internet method

If you have a bank account in Turkey, you can use your bank app to pay bills . In this method, make the payment by entering the invoice number (in the bills it is written with these titles. hesab no or abonelik numara) and the amount of the bill. This method is faster and easier.

Cancellation of energy bill in Turkey

When the property contract ends, you need to cancel the energy bills. For this, go to the relevant office with the last bill and Kimlik and announce the cancellation of the bills. Usually, at this stage, if you have a debt, your deposit amount is used to pay the debt amount. The process of making a deposit to your account usually takes 2 to 3 working days.

Cancellation of energy bills in Turkey

Remember to cancel the energy bills as soon as possible after your unit is finished and vacated, because if the next tenant moves in, you will be responsible for all the energy costs.

Last word

Naming energy bills in Turkey is a fundamental and vital step after closing the property contract. This allows you to control the energy consumption associated with your property and avoid paying extra costs. By carefully naming the bills, you can benefit from this process.

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