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All countries make changes to their immigration system every year and announce new documents and rules for immigrants who intend to obtain residence and immigration. The country of Turkey has announced a new law from 2022 for immigrants who intend to obtain Turkish residence, one of which is Numarataj. In this article, we are going to talk about how to obtain a registration number and the steps and documents required for it.

Why is numeracy important?

From 2022, the Turkish Immigration Department enacted a new law for immigrants, in which they must receive a paper called Nomaratage from the municipality and submit their documents to the Immigration Department in order to obtain Turkish residence. According to this law, the registration form is one of the documents required to obtain residency in Turkey.

The registration form is issued for the purpose of living in Turkey, and the information contained in this form includes the name, surname, age, address of the place of residence in Turkey, and other personal details of the immigrant. This document is issued by the municipality and only for the Turkish Immigration Department as long as it is valid in the desired house that you have provided the address and documents to the municipality; If you change your place of residence, you must obtain a new registration form from the municipality.


How to get a Numarataj

To obtain a registration number, you first complete the required documents and go to the municipality (belediye) of your area of residence in Turkey in person.
Usually, the process of getting the number registration is not time-consuming and by visiting the municipality once, you can receive the number registration form on the same day.
Note that all steps in obtaining a registration are free in the municipality.

When buying a house, it is necessary to get a registration certificate, and for this it is enough to take the house document to the municipality.

Why is Numarataj required for a residence permit in Turkey?

Every year, many people try to get a residence permit and immigrate to Turkey in different ways, one of which is buying a property in Turkey. It is necessary to obtain a registration certificate when buying a property for immigrants who intend to live in Turkey; Because by obtaining a registration number, you prove to the Turkish government that you own a property, and the Turkish Immigration Department confirms your property ownership by presenting this document and informs the Immigration Department, and in this way, less time is spent in issuing your residence permit.

Also, unfortunately, many immigrants try to obtain residence by presenting fake documents such as house leases, which by presenting documents when obtaining registrations from applicants who intend to live in Turkey, the immigration department makes sure that the lease and property are legally registered and people They cannot show themselves as the owner of a property that does not exist externally.


Required documents for Numarataj certificate

Email or text message of rendezvous time

An e-mail or text message will be sent to your number when you make an appointment, and it indicates your decision to live in Turkey, and you must bring the number sheet with you when you go to the appointment.

Presenting the house document

Providing the original and copy of the house document or topo that you must get from the landlord, which shows your residence in that house. If you intend to obtain Turkish residence by buying a house, it is better that the house document is in your name when you get the number sheet.

Lease letter of residence

The official and valid lease of the house, which has been renewed, will be issued after submitting the lease and conducting the necessary checks by the municipality, if there is no problem, the number sheet will be issued.

Residential address

The full address of the residence, the name of the district and neighborhood along with the utility bill as evidence

Individual documents

A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or passport translated into Turkish

Numarataj fee

Currently, there is no need to pay any fees when getting a registration form from the municipality of the region, and the process of obtaining registration in the municipality is completely free.

How to pay the Numarataj

As we said, there is no need to pay a fee to obtain a registration form from the municipality; However, for buildings or properties that are not registered in the municipal system, in order to complete the registration process, fees must be paid according to the type of building, including office, residential, building floors, address registration fee, etc.

The payment of said fees is determined by the financial services department of the municipality every year, and if the building you are looking for is already registered in the municipality and has a certificate of registration, the municipality will carry out registration procedures for free.


Is it necessary to renew the stay?

Currently, you will receive the registration form once, and in the following years of your stay in Turkey, you do not need to receive the registration form, and this form is valid as long as you live in Turkey; But if in the following years the intention Buy a house in Turkey It is necessary to obtain a re-Numarataj when buying a property, and also if you live in a rented house, in case you change your house and change When you change your place of residence, you have to get the registration form again.

Concluding remarks

Numarataj is one of the new rules required by the Turkish Immigration Department in 2022. As we said, obtaining the registration number is done from the Turkish municipality, and it is not expensive and time-consuming. For this purpose, people who intend to live in Turkey can apply for a registration card in a short period of time by submitting relevant documents.

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