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The conditions for buying a house in Istanbul are much easier and more attainable than in other European cities. If you are planning to invest and buy property in Istanbul, it is not a bad idea to stay with Arya until the end of this article. Istanbul, the largest and most beautiful city Turkey and due to being touristy, it has many amenities and commercial facilities. For this reason, many people want to migrate and work and live in Istanbul. House prices in Istanbul have increased significantly due to the amenities and high quality of life in both European and Asian sectors; But if you are planning to buy a property in Turkey, Istanbul is still one of the best options for buying a house, in this article we are going to talk about the best way to buy a house in Istanbul.

Buying a house in Istanbul

Istanbul is a lively and lively city, and people and tourists are always having fun in the streets and cafes of this beautiful metropolis. For this reason, this city is one of the important tourist and recreational cities in the world, which attracts many tourists every year. On the other hand, many immigrants intend to immigrate to Istanbul every year due to the high welfare facilities and high standard of living.

Buying a house in Istanbul

Buying a property in Istanbul is one of the right options for investment; Because in this way you will not only become the owner of a house, but due to the significant growth of housing prices in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, the chance that your purchased house will face an increase in price is very high.

What do you know about the conditions of buying a house in Istanbul?

Istanbul consists of two parts, European and Asian, each part has high living and welfare facilities. Also, Istanbul is a city with a rich and big history and has one of the most prosperous real estate markets in Turkey and is of great importance as the economic capital of Turkey. Therefore, many people choose Istanbul to find work and invest. But on the other hand, the price of housing in Turkey has increased a lot in recent years, and in Istanbul, due to many residential and commercial projects that are opened every year, you will have the chance to buy a beautiful house with high facilities in one of the prosperous areas of Istanbul. live it

The best areas to buy property in Istanbul

There are many areas for buying houses in the European and Asian parts of Istanbul, which are of high quality in terms of age, amenities, education and services, as well as the standard of living. Among the best areas and neighborhoods to buy a house in the European part of Istanbul are Beyoglu, Maslak, Besiktas, Zitin Bornu, Kayithane.
Sanjaktepe, Atashhir, Chekmekoy, Kadikoy, Adalar, Omraniyeh, Kartal, Sultanbeli, Skodar, Shileh, Maltepe and Bikoz are among the best areas to buy a house in the Asian part.

Buying real estate in the Asian part of Istanbul

The Asian part of Istanbul is one of the most suitable areas for buying a house, where you can buy a suitable house at any price. This section has one of the oldest textures in Istanbul and consists of many areas that have luxury and prosperous facilities and many residential projects with various facilities, different sizes and suitable facilities for sale have been provided to customers.

Buying a house in Istanbul

If you intend to buy a property in the Asian part of Istanbul, you can buy it in famous and luxurious areas such as Omraniye, Maltepe, Skodar, Kadikoy, etc., which are among the best areas of Istanbul in the European part.

Buying real estate in the European part of Istanbul

The European part of Istanbul is more modern and contemporary than the Asian part, and house prices in this part are also more expensive than the Asian part. The European part of Istanbul has beautiful views facing the Bosphorus Strait, luxury areas with amenities, services, entertainment and brand stores. Also, Istanbul’s new airport is located in this area, and if you plan to live in a luxurious and prosperous area with a high quality of life, the European part of Istanbul and areas such as Sarir, Beşiktaş and Maslak are suitable options for living, which have many residential projects with various facilities. The size is different and the facilities are suitable.

Minimum house purchase price in Istanbul

House prices in Turkey have increased significantly in the last two years, and because of this, house prices are also changing. But on average, the average price of a house in Istanbul depends on various criteria, including the desired neighborhood, facilities close to the house such as shopping centers, metro and bus stations, house type, house size, number of rooms, building facilities, new construction It depends on whether the building is second-hand or…

Buying a house in Istanbul
But on average, the minimum amount you should have to buy a house in a typical area is $75,000. However, with the new conditions of the Turkish Immigration Department, properties below 75 thousand dollars will no longer be allowed to stay in Istanbul.

Buying a villa in Istanbul

One of the suitable and growing options for buying property in Istanbul is buying a villa. Near the areas of Marmara Beach and the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul, which are among the beautiful areas with sea and forest views, such as Sarir, Şişli, Bebek, Beşiktaş and Buyuk Cekmeje areas, there are many villas with swimming pools, clubs, beautiful yards, sea views and Turkish bath is located.

Buying a house in Istanbul

Buying an apartment in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is one of the successful cities of Turkey in attracting tourists and capitalists, and for this reason, various commercial and residential projects with different conditions are for sale in Istanbul, which you can easily choose from residential units in luxury and beautiful towers depending on your budget and conditions. buy

Acquiring Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Istanbul

In the latest changes of the Turkish government, there have been changes in the rules of obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of a house, which can be mentioned as an increase in property prices. Currently, in order to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property, the minimum amount of the property must be 400,000 dollars.

Concluding remarks

Istanbul is the economic and commercial capital of Turkey and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For this reason, every year, many businessmen and capitalists invest to buy houses and properties in Istanbul. If you are planning to buy property and invest in Turkey, it is better to know that Istanbul is the first place to buy a house in Turkey and always has a thriving real estate market. To get more information and visit the projects, contact Aria Queen experts!


  • What are the best European areas of Istanbul to buy property?
    Sarir, Şişli, Bakırköy and Beşiktaş are among the best areas of the European part of Istanbul.
  • Is it possible to buy a house in Istanbul with 50 thousand dollars?
    No; The minimum price for obtaining Turkish residence by buying a property in Istanbul is 75 thousand dollars.
  • What are the cheapest areas in Istanbul to buy property?
    Snivert, Bagjilar, Aujillar, Buik Chekmeje and Bilicdozo are among the areas with good prices for buying property.
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