1to 4 bedroom project in Eyüpsultan-155

318,500$Min price


1to 4 bedroom project in Eyüpsultan; If you are planning to buy a property in Eyüpsultan area, contact the experts of Aria Queen to visit the best projects in this area!

Introducing 1 to 4 bedroom project in Eyüpsultan-155

Location: Eyüpsultan

A prestigious real estate project with features such as its central location, special facilities, and luxury apartments, commercial spaces, entertainment gardens are among its exclusive features.

This project is being built in two phases on a land of 110,000 square meters. The first phase includes 640 units, 40 of which are commercial units.

Type of units:

  • 1+1
  • 2+1
  • 3+1
  • 4+1

Some features of the project:

  • Private garden
  • Children’s playground
  • pool
  • Skate game space
  • basketball court
  • Restaurant
  • Guardianship
  • Spa
  • Turkish bath
  • sports club

Restaurants, cafes
Indoor and outdoor pools
Turkish baths, sauna, spa
Basketball court

Some access to the project:

  • One minute to TEM highway
  • 3 minutes to the bay bridge
  • 4 minutes to Metrobus station
  • 15 minutes to Eurasia Tunnel
  • 10 minutes to Pirloti Hill
  • 8 minutes to Greenhouse Park
  • up to miniature 8 minutes

Conditions for buying apartments from 1 to 4 bedroom projects in Ayup Sultan

One of the best types of investment in Turkey is buying property, and one of the best cities is Istanbul, and one of the best areas is the central areas of this city. Of course, the central areas should be chosen very carefully due to their proximity to the historical parts of the city so that you don’t face any problems in terms of future investment as well as accommodation issues. To ensure the type of project, its current and future situation and conditions, you must consult with an expert.

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  • Price:
    318,500$Min price
  • Property Status:
  • Max rooms:
    4 rooms


  • Guarding
  • Sauna
  • Sport gym
  • Swimming pool


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