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What do you know about the conditions of residence in Northern Cyprus? Lately, immigration to North Cyprus has increased even more. Many Iranian compatriots are also looking for a way to get residence and live in this place for reasons such as the reasonable price of life and livelihood, pristine nature, suitable weather, etc.

Therefore, we decided in this article, while introducing the terms and conditions, to also state the types of ways to obtain residency in North Cyprus. So, stay with Aria Quinn to increase your knowledge in this area.

About Northern Cyprus

All about Northern Cyprus

Cyprus It is located in the east of the Mediterranean Sea and has two northern and southern parts, which are under the rule of Turkey and Greece, respectively. For the first time in 1963, due to the differences between the Greeks and the Turkish Cypriots, the ground was laid for the separation of these two parts from the country of Cyprus, until finally this happened and Cyprus became the two countries of North and South Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus is now under the rule of Turkey and due to its nature, climate and extraordinary conditions, it is one of the popular destinations for Iranians to immigrate and obtain residence.

Northern Cyprus under Turkish rule

Immigrating to this country has advantages. These advantages are:

  • No need for a visa for Iranians
  • Close to Iran
  • Ease of commuting with Türkiye
  • Cheap and reasonable cost of housing and living
  • suitable weather
  • Suitable educational and employment conditions
  • Convenient and suitable conditions for obtaining residence
  • And…

In the following, we will describe the various methods of staying in this country.

Various methods of obtaining residence in North Cyprus:

There are the following methods for obtaining residency in Northern Cyprus:

Residence Northern Cyprus

Acquiring residence in North Cyprus through education:

Northern Cyprus is one of the best places for Iranians to continue their studies. Many universities in this country provide their students with the opportunity to spend one year of their studies in another country, and this makes their resume stronger. On the other hand, the cost of these universities is better and more suitable than other European countries and is around 200 to 4500 dollars per year. In addition, due to the prosperity of the tourism industry in this country, there is a suitable job market for graduates of some fields.

Another positive point of the universities of this country is that there is no need to participate in entrance exams. In order to immigrate to this country for education, one must first receive an acceptance letter from one of the universities, and then go to the North Cyprus embassy and obtain a study visa. After 3 months of this process, you can apply for residence.

Residence Northern Cyprus

Acquiring residence in Northern Cyprus through work:

This country has a good economic situation and on the other hand, it is facing a shortage of labor and specialists. For this reason, immigrants are very welcome. However, many people who want to immigrate in this way tend to start their own business.

It should be noted that Iranians do not need a visa to enter this country for immigration purposes. In order to obtain a work visa, a person must first apply to different companies and then, if accepted and receive an invitation, go to the embassy and apply for a North Cyprus work visa. The visa of these people is valid for one year and can be extended several times, and after 10 years, the person can apply for permanent residence.

Cyprus investment residence

Residency in Northern Cyprus through investment:

Obtaining residence through investment is very easy and hassle-free and can be done through different ways. One of these ways is buying property. The conditions for obtaining a visa through property are exactly the same as obtaining a visa through work, and in this immigration method, people also receive a one-year residence visa and can apply for permanent residence after 10 years.

Another way to invest in North Cyprus is to register a company, which has an easy process due to the absence of corruption and easy tax laws.

Residence Northern Cyprus

Acquiring residence in Northern Cyprus through marriage:

People applying for residency with this method can obtain permanent residency in this country 3 years after marrying a citizen of North Cyprus and bring their children and parents to this country without any hassle. The conditions for residence and immigration to Northern Cyprus through marriage are very simple and require the following documents:

  • identity card and passport of both parties
  • Certificate of non-divorce of both people
  • Marriage certificate
  • Financial Affirmation of the Cypriot Spouse
  • ownership document or lease of property and residential unit
  • Birth certificate of children from previous marriage (if any)

Cyprus birth residence

Getting residence in Northern Cyprus through the birth of a child:

Obtaining residence through the birth of a child has certain terms and conditions, and to know it, a person should refer to the law on granting citizenship.

Residence in Northern Cyprus through asylum:

Obtaining residence through this method is very difficult, dangerous and difficult, and it is recommended that no one apply for immigration and obtaining residence through this method.

Last word:

In this article, we discussed the ways to obtain residency in North Cyprus. By reading this article, people will get a better and broader view of immigration methods and can make a more correct decision. It should be remembered that each of these methods for migration has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the best method depends on the circumstances of each person. Our strong recommendation is to research well and consult with experts before choosing any of these methods of obtaining residency. We hope that the contents of this article will help you in your work.

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