Three of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul


In this article, you will get to know three of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul, Istanbul has many neighborhoods, some of which are high quality and near the sea, Istanbul is divided into 2 parts, Asian and European. which has a total of 39 districts, 25 districts are located in the European part and 14 districts are located in the Asian part of Istanbul. In this article, we mention 3 of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul that are very suitable for living. Stay tuned with Aria Queen!

Introducing three of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live in

Istanbul is one of the most populous cities in the world, which is the destination of many immigrants to work, live or spend their retirement. This city is larger than many countries in the world, and for this reason, many areas and different neighborhoods are located in it. If you have a question, where are the best neighborhoods and areas to live in Istanbul?

buying a house in Istanbul and the points you should pay attention to!

Living conditions in Istanbul

Istanbul is a noisy and crowded city, and life in it, in addition to its charms, also faces problems such as lack of parking spaces and traffic. But because this city has one of the fastest growing economies, especially in Iran’s neighborhood, it is considered as one of the best immigration destinations.


The historical and natural attractions of Istanbul are one of the reasons that make this city an ideal place to live. The expansion of the public transportation network has also brought more prosperity to the lives of the residents of Istanbul. Another advantage of living, buying and renting a house in Istanbul is that the houses are cheaper and of high quality.

Three of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul for investment

There are many luxury and ideal neighborhoods in Istanbul. In terms of welfare conditions, facilities and cultural community, access and having tourist attractions, you can find good neighborhoods to live in. Also, along with luxury neighborhoods such as Bebek and Maslak, there are other good neighborhoods with lower prices for living and buying and renting houses.

1. Bebek neighborhood of Istanbul

Bebek is one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul where the rich live. This neighborhood is located in the municipality of Besiktash region and has a historical but modern texture. This cozy and luxurious neighborhood is located in the European part of Istanbul. Babek literally means child and the reason for its name is unknown.

The beautiful view of the beach and the Bosphorus is one of the factors that make living in the well-equipped apartments in this area a dream. Bebek has been among the aristocratic neighborhoods since the Ottoman era and still maintains this feature. Bebek neighborhood has good access to Ortakoy, Arnavutkoy, Etiler, Rumli Hisar and Besiktas. The beach strip of this neighborhood is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches for walking and spending a pleasant evening.

House price in Bebek

The price of Babek houses is high and most of the houses are villas. If you have a good budget, this area is ideal for both living and investing. This neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods to buy a house and obtain Turkish citizenship.

Possibilities of Bebak neighborhood

Some of the most famous restaurants and cafes in Turkey and the world have branches in this neighborhood. From Starbucks to one of the most important branches of the famous Nusrat restaurant. One of the elite hypermarkets of Istanbul, Macrocenter, is also located in Bebek. In addition, Bosphorus University, one of the best universities in Turkey, is located in this neighborhood.


luxury areas of Istanbul

2. Three of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul; Istiniye, the luxury neighborhood of Istanbul

In one of the best European areas of Istanbul, Sarir, Istiniye is very famous. This neighborhood, which has very good amenities, with its natural attractions and luxury shopping centers, is considered one of the prosperous areas of Istanbul. Nowadays, the interest of Iranians in buying a house in this neighborhood is increasing due to the high profit and its facilities.


Istiniye is a seaside neighborhood located next to the Bosphorus Strait. Beach villas in this area mostly belong to celebrities and prominent people of Turkey. Istiniyeh is located between the two neighborhoods of Amirgan and Yenikoy and is one of the best coastal areas of the Bosphorus. This neighborhood, next to Maslak, is one of the famous neighborhoods of Sarir. But the superiority of Istiniye over Maslak is its calmness and its distance from noise.

Istiniye neighborhood facilities

This area has the best amenities due to the attention of celebrities and special people.

Istiniye Park shopping center

Istiniye Park shopping center is truly the most luxurious arcade in Istanbul and even Turkey, and it is located in this neighborhood and houses the best brands from all over the world. This shopping center also has a cinema, a theater and famous restaurants and cafes.

Istiniyeh Universities

Istiniyeh has a very favorable situation in terms of educational facilities. Prominent private and international schools operate in this neighborhood, and there are also first-class schools and gyms in Istiniyeh. Istiniyeh University is a relatively newly established university that is increasing its prestige. This university is well equipped in terms of amenities and has a large and diverse library, gym, conference hall and about 50 laboratories.

Best Asian areas of Istanbul

3. Bostan Road neighborhood

Bostan Road is one of the neighborhoods of Kadikoy Municipality, which is located in the Asian part of Istanbul. This neighborhood is very attractive for living due to its green environment and location next to Marmara beaches. Also, the access of Kadikoy area to important areas and the city center of Istanbul is very suitable and there are various means of public transportation for this purpose. The luxurious apartments of this neighborhood are famous for their views of the Princes Islands.


Most of the houses on Bostan Road are newly built and face the beach. Also, the alleys of Bostan Road are full of quality cafes and restaurants and it is one of the popular neighborhoods of Shekmo. The beach strip of this neighborhood is ideal for those who like sports and walking by the sea.

The best area to buy a house in Istanbul

Sarir, Besiktas and Bakirkoy areas in the European part and Kadikoy, Bekoz and Ataşehir areas are among the best areas in the Asian part of Istanbul for investing and buying property. In addition to the neighborhoods that were introduced, there are many luxury and modern projects throughout Istanbul, which our team will introduce the best and most suitable ones according to your taste and conditions. To receive advice and choose the best houses in Istanbul, contact the Aria Queen team.

Last word:

In this article, we introduced three of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul and gave some tips about the facilities and living conditions in them. If you are planning to buy a house in Istanbul, it is better to get enough knowledge about the areas and neighborhoods of Istanbul first. The Aria Queen team, with the benefit of a professional team and experienced consultants, and having a contract with manufacturers in Turkey, can introduce you to the best options.


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    Istiniye, Maslak and Kadikoy are among the best and most luxurious neighborhoods in Istanbul.
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    Maslak, Kartal, Bilicdozo and Snivert neighborhoods are among the Iranian neighborhoods in Istanbul.
  • What are the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to buy a house?
    Maslak, Istiniye, Atakoy, Floria, Kadikoy neighborhoods are good neighborhoods to buy property in Istanbul.
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