How to obtain Turkish residence through marriage?


Obtaining Turkish residence has different types; Residence in Turkey through marriage is one of the methods that can become residence or even obtain Turkish citizenship. In this article, we will examine the conditions for obtaining Turkish residence and citizenship through marriage. Join us.

Getting Turkish residence by marriage

There are different ways to obtain Turkish residence, one of which is Turkish residence through marriage. According to the Turkish immigration law, if a foreigner marries a Turkish citizen or a Turkish citizen, he can apply for Turkish residency through his spouse; But obtaining the right of citizenship through marriage requires special conditions set by the Turkish Immigration Law.

Acquiring Turkish citizenship by marriage

Turkey is one of the countries that have different rules and conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship. Obtaining Turkish residence through marriage is one of the convenient and low-cost ways to obtain Turkish residence and passport. In this method, a person must marry a Turk or someone who has Turkish citizenship, and after going through the procedures, he is allowed to stay and obtain citizenship. Turkey will be given. In this article, we are going to talk about the necessary conditions and procedures for obtaining Turkish residence with marriage.

Steps to obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage

After going through the steps of civil marriage in Turkey, a foreigner must live in Turkey for three years, and after at least three years have passed since the foreigner married a Turkish citizen and the marriage is still stable, he can apply for Turkish citizenship by presenting the relevant documents to the embassy. take action After confirming the documents and obtaining the Turkish residence, a foreigner can apply for a Turkish passport and receive the Turkish passport within a few days.

Turkish residency through marriage

Required documents for official marriage in Turkey:

• Submitting the marriage application which is prepared by the bride and groom in the municipality in Turkish
• Providing identity documents of bride and groom such as legal birth certificate and passport with Turkish translation
• 6 photos with a white background in the size of the bride’s passport photo and 6 photos of the groom
• Providing a medical examination certificate that was performed in clinics approved by the marriage office.
• Certificate of ability to marry or certificate of celibacy, which you can get from the registry office of your place of residence, the General Directorate of Identity Affairs of Iranians Abroad, and the Iranian Embassy.
• If the bride and groom are both foreigners and intend to get married in Turkey, they must receive a residence permit from the hotel where they are staying, in which the length of stay and the date of arrival at the hotel must be written.
• If the foreign bride and groom are compatriots, in addition to marriage by Turkish marriage officials in the municipality, their marriage must also be performed in the consulate of the country of birth.
• If the bride is an Iranian woman and has not been married before, it is necessary to submit the father’s consent, if she is divorced, she must submit a divorce certificate with a Turkish translation.

Residence in Turkey through marriage

Required documents to obtain a Turkish passport through marriage

• Complete the application for Turkish citizenship at the Turkish Embassy
• 8 passport photos of foreign spouses taken in the last 6 months.
• 4 passport photos of the Turkish spouse taken in the last 6 months.
• The original and two copies of the birth certificate of the Turkish spouse
• The original birth certificate of the foreign spouse with a Turkish translation translated by an approved translator
• Foreign spouse’s passport along with two copies of the Turkish translation certified by the translator from the notary office
• If the foreign spouse has the citizenship of another country, it is necessary to submit the citizenship documents in the form of a Turkish translation from the notary office of the place of residence.
• Original marriage certificate along with two copies
• Submission of documents such as residence certificate, joint tenancy agreement or joint ownership document and joint bank account in two copies that show the couple’s life together for the past three years.
• Providing a certificate of non-supishine with a Turkish translation translated by an approved translator and must be obtained from the organization of the place of residence.
• It is necessary to submit local affidavits from 2 Turkish citizens who know the foreigner in two copies, along with a copy of the birth certificate, residential address and phone number of the person.
• Paying the fees required to obtain Turkish citizenship

Residence in Turkey through marriage

Rules for obtaining a Turkish passport through marriage

First, both parties must prove that their marriage is real; If the marriage of a person with a Turkish person or a person who has the citizenship of Turkey is formal and he has taken Turkish residence in this way, the Turkish government has the right to invalidate his residence.
A person who intends to marry in Turkey must be over 18 years old; Because the legal age of marriage in Turkey is above 18 years.
If you intend to marry a person who is a foreigner and lives in Turkey, the person in question must legally have the citizenship of Turkey and not reside in Turkey as a refugee.
If you intend to marry a Turkish girl and if the girl has already been married and divorced, at least 300 days must have passed since her divorce to be allowed to marry a foreigner.

Concluding remarks

If you intend to stay in Turkey through marriage, it is better to know the rules related to obtaining Turkish residence by marriage because it will help you to obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage more easily in the next steps.

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