Conditions for obtaining Turkish residence by buying property

اقامت ترکیه با خرید خانه

If you are thinking of staying in Turkey by buying a house, you should first familiarize yourself with the conditions of staying in Turkey and buying a property, then buy a property according to your capital, the desired neighborhood and the points that you should know before, during or after the purchase. Staying in Turkey by buying a house is a unique opportunity to obtain permanent residence and benefit from all the benefits of this beautiful country. Buying a house in Turkey not only allows you to have a property to stay in this country, but with this purchase, you can benefit from the rights and benefits associated with obtaining a residence.

Getting Turkish residence conditions by buying a house

By buying a house in Turkey, you as an owner can live there officially and legally. In addition, with Turkish real estate as an investment, you can benefit from the significant value and significant growth of the real estate market in Turkey. By buying a house in the popular cities of Turkey, such as Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, etc., you can enjoy the beautiful nature, history and rich culture of this country. Be with us to introduce you to the important and essential points of obtaining residence by buying a property in Turkey. Join Aria Queen!

Features of the property to get the right of citizenship

If the property you are looking for is worth more than 400 thousand dollars, you will be entitled to the citizenship of Turkey</a > It is awarded and you can immigrate to Turkey with your family and become a citizen of that country. Of course, the property in question must have the following conditions:

  • Buy it for cash.
  • Buy the property from a Turkish citizen and the right of citizenship has not been acquired through that property. In this case, you will be given a Turkish passport within three months. Of course, you are not allowed to sell that property for 3 years. It is interesting to know that you can buy several different properties whose total value is more than 400 thousand dollars, live in one of them and rent the others to earn enough income to support life in Turkey. Remember that as the number of houses increases, the tax due to you increases exponentially.

property features for obtaining citizenship

property features for Turkish residence

If you are thinking of staying in Turkey by buying property, the value of your purchased property should be at least 75,000 dollars in big cities and at least 50,000 dollars in small cities.

In this case, you will be granted a one-year short-term residence permit and you can extend it for 5 years and finally get a permanent residence; Of course, if you are thinking of permanent residence, you must spend a maximum of 30 days outside of Turkey every year.

Property price in Turkey to obtain residence

Just as the property price in Iran depends on various parameters such as size, year of construction, location, level of access to amenities, etc., in Turkey, these parameters are also effective in determining the price of the property.

You can get small houses (suites) at the price of 1,500,000 lira or even pay less in smaller cities.

Price of property in Turkey for obtaining residence

Staying in Turkey by buying a house and what points should you consider before buying a property?

Before buying, you must choose your desired city and neighborhood; That is, know which Turkish city you want to stay in because the conditions of each city and its costs are different from each other. For example, the cost of living in Istanbul is higher than in Antalya or Izmir.

After choosing the city, you have to choose the neighborhood, for example, which neighborhood do you want in Istanbul? Is Besiktas, Sarir, Sisli, etc., coastal or central important to you? How is the property accessible to amenities such as school, university, transportation system, medical centers, etc.? Do you want to get an office, residential, commercial or apartment building? These issues and topics largely filter the mass housing information and make your search more targeted so that you can choose a better house to stay in Turkey.

We suggest that you go on a tourist trip to Turkey, see the houses and lifestyle closely, and gather information from the Iranians living there, because this lived experience will help you to be more informed and with a vision. Better start shopping.

Tips before buying a property

Staying in Turkey by buying a property and what points you should consider while buying a property?

The seller and the place through which you want to buy the property are important, so we advise you to apply for Turkish residence by buying the property from official centers. Before finalizing the purchase, consult an expert because his knowledge and experience will help you make a better purchase.

The Turkish government uses the Taputakas system to prevent fraud and secure money transfers between buyers and sellers.

You should check the accuracy of the information on the property document, not having tax debt, not being in bank debt, settling water, electricity, gas, etc. debts before buying.

Points to consider after buying a property

After checking the property document and all the specifications are correct, finalize the purchase from an official center with a government expert and complete the transfer of the document and payment of additional costs such as taxes, commissions, etc., so that through this document, Go ahead with Turkish residence by buying a property and get your residence.
Tips after buying a property

Required documents to obtain Turkish residence by buying a house

Now you have to go to the immigration office with the following documents and apply for Turkish residence by buying a property:

  • Copy of house document (tapu)
  • Obtaining a registration number from the municipality
  • Preparation of property value expert report (expertise)
  • identification documents
  • Passport
  • photo

Rules for obtaining Turkish residence by buying a house

Each country has specific rules for buying and selling property that may change over time. Turkish real estate laws allow Iranian immigrants to buy real estate. They can buy up to 10 hectares of land. If the purpose of buying land is to build a property, it should be done within two years. In each district, immigrants can buy 10% of the land. There is no limit in buying the type of property. Of course, none of the foreigners are allowed to buy property in the military and security areas of the country.

Rules for obtaining Turkish residence by buying a house

Concluding remarks

If you are thinking of getting Turkish residence by buying a property, pay attention to all the points raised in this article. This guide explains the conditions for staying in Turkey by buying a house and by giving tips on buying a property, it tries to help you buy a better property to stay in Turkey. Finally, if you have any questions about staying and buying property in Turkey, ask us.

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